Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Official...

I am pretending like it is Fall. I baked pumpkin bars-yummy, made taco soup, lit pumpkin spice candles, put on a fall tablecloth, hung my fall wreath on the door, bought a sweater, walked to the park in the middle of the day in jeans-I quickly realized my mistake. But unfortunately it isn't helping channel any cooler weather. It is supposed to be 104 today.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Poor Baby

Addison has started Preschool for the year. She loves it! She can't wait to go play with her friends. But it is pretty funny, because at school she is so quiet and shy. Even when I am there the whole time to help her teacher. I have never had a shy child. Last week it was her special day where she could tell the class about herself, or I could tell the class about her. The day before she broke her wrist! I know SO sad! It was pretty traumatizing. 4 boys and never any stitches or broken bones and bam our little girly princess broke, literally, our streak. She was running and tripped over some little orange sport cone things and slammed into the front door. She goes to the orthopedic doctor on Tues. and they will probably put on a permanent cast. She has been very brave and didn't make a peep when I took her for the initial x-ray.

Addison and her friend Savannah from school at Bradan's pack meeting

Addison's teacher, Ms. Melissa

Bradan and the bear

Bradan turned 10 this summer! That's right double digits. It is weird that he is getting so old, don't worry he doesn't act like it. He earned his Bear in scouts before he went to KY for the summer, but he didn't get his recognition until last week. He fought the bear. He came out bloody, but still in one piece.
Bradan pinning me

Happy Campers

Nathan and Tate got to go to Scout camp this year. Our stake held a priesthood encampment, so it was full of spiritual activities along with scouting activities. Jon went up for a couple of days and these are the only pictures he took. I am hoping to get some copies of pictures the leaders took. They had a really good time and hopefully some experiences they won't forget. Tate was just called to be the Deacon's quorum president in our ward. We have 20 Deacons so it is a big deal. I am super proud of him! Last Sunday he was in his church clothes from 8am-9pm. He had church, meetings, and a fireside. Jon told him he was in training to be an apostle, and I thought Tate was going to have a heart attack. He did not think it was funny.

Summertime in the AZ

I am so far behind, I don't even know where to start. But I am semi caught up on my homework and the laundry so I decided I would try. We had a pretty quiet summer as usual all the big boys were gone for most of it. We spent most of the summer at the pool. We swam ALOT! It was awesome! I had a tan again for the first time in years. The babies love to go swimming. They dive all over the place. We have a pool at the YMCA right down the street so on good days Jon and I, or just me if Jon was at work, and the babies would go to the gym in the morning. They like to play in the childcare center they have there, and we would work out. Then we would go home for lunch and come back and swim. On not so productive days we would just go swimming. We also hit McDonald's playland a few times, an indoor bouncey place, to see Toy Story 3, to the mall with grandma, and hung out with Aunt Jenifer and Trevor while they were here.

Our 4th of July celebration was pretty lame this year. It was on Sunday so I made this cake, which was yummy, and we just went to church and hung out at home. Nothing too exciting.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Girl's Camp...SO Much Fun!!

This was at our PJ fashion show and we played a little prank on the girls and hung these pictures all over their cabin. I totally rocked these pajamas(I look like humpty dumpty), of course. Jon gave them to me 2 Christmas ago. I had never worn them, but pulled them out for camp. You can only get away with this stuff at Girl's Camp, that is why I love it!

I seriously LOVE my calling! It is so much fun! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with the Young Women in my ward. They are awesome! We had a blast at camp! No drama-AT ALL! Our girls were perfect. They have such strong testimonies and are such an example to me. I also love the other leaders I get to work with. They are so talented and amazing! I left camp completely uplifted, wanting to be better and try harder to do better. It was a great week!